Advent Prayer Vigil

Advent Prayer Vigil

The concept of holding an Advent Prayer Vigil is rooted in Reverend Moore’s time spent in consistent and earnest prayer for his congregation, whom he loves deeply.

Just as the Advent Season is focused on preparing for the coming of Jesus Christ in all ways, from His birth in the past to His Second Coming in the future as the Messiah. So, the reading of Scripture reminds us of the continuity of God and his overarching work on the earth and in the lives of humanity. Prayer -conversation with God- translates that Scripture into our understanding for the purpose of applying godly principles in our life.

The intention of the Advent Prayer Vigil is to give opportunity for everyone to have uninterrupted time to read scripture and to pray with full attentiveness to God. Corporately, First Presbyterian Church will be strengthened as our hearts become more fully aligned to what we treasure most- our relationship with God.

The mission is simple. Draw near to God and He will draw near to you. -James 4:8


Do you desire and are you willing to spend one hour with the Lord? (Matthew 26:40)

  1. Click here to schedule or call the church office to make your reservation.

The available hours are from 8:00 am until 7:00 pm Monday through Friday beginning November 28th until December 23rd.

Arrive at the church prayer room 10 minutes before your scheduled time so there is a smooth transfer from one participant to another.

  1. When you enter the prayer room three tables will be arranged for you.

One table has a Bible, bookmark, and a pen. The first participant will begin reading at Genesis 1:1 and continue reading no less than one chapter. Subsequent readers will follow suit, picking up where their predecessor left off. Over the course of the Vigil the entire Bible will have been read.

The second table will have a lamp, prayer journal, note cards, envelopes, a basket, and pen and pencil. In the Journal, please initial and cite the Scriptures you read. The Journal provides a way for us to write our corporate prayers, which will be read by others. Use the note cards and envelopes to express your private prayer requests, to be read only by the pastoral staff, and place them in the basket. If you wish, you may also mark your note card prayers as ‘private,’ and they will remain unopened.

The third table will hold a single pillar candle. This candle reminds us that our timeless and perfect God has graciously given his Word to light our path, (Psalm 119:105), and that he never sleeps nor slumbers, (Psalm 121:1-8). He, through his word and conversational prayer, is always available to his children.

May we allow him to be our wellspring of joy, life, understanding and grace this season.