Joining Jesus Mission Conference


Greg Finke had been ordained since 1989, spending the last ten years of his pastoral ministry pastoring churches with 1000 or more in worship. In January 2011 he realized he couldn’t remain a senior pastor and do what Jesus was calling Him to do. Greg and his wife Susan are neighborhood missionaries in a subdivision in League City, Texas.

Greg Finke: Joining Jesus Mission Conference

Saturday: Session I (9:00am to12:00pm)

                 *Lunch (12:00pm to 1:00pm)
                 *Session II (1:00pm to 3:00pm)
*You are invited to join us for the entire conference! However, if you can only come for part of Saturday, the afternoon is optional. Please let us know which sessions you plan on attending and if you plan on staying for lunch. 
Greg will give us tools, training and encouragement

Joining Jesus in our daily lives

Moving from living FOR Jesus to living WITH Jesus

Learning to see how we can start seeing responding to the everyday opportunities that Jesus puts in our path.

Developing the practices of seeking the kingdom, hearing from Jesus, talking with people, doing good, and ministering through prayer

Participating with other believers in a missional community

Following Jesus as we love and disciple others.

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