Sunday Morning for Youth

Sunday Morning for Youth

Please meet in the gym at 10:05 and we will walk to the Youth Center together.

Sunday Morning this Fall: Youth Center

High School: Confirmation

David Welch will be leading our high school students through a confirmation class. “During confirmation class, our high schoolers will review and take ownership of the basics of the Christian faith. As a child, we inherit our faith from our families and churches, but as these students grow into young adults, we want to prepare them to take ownership of their faith before God and to become members of the church in their own right. We will be utilizing The New City Catechism for this class and, at the end of the semester, we will formally welcome these students as covenant partners in our church.”

5th thru 8th Grade: New Testament

This group will continue our journey through the whole Bible. Last year, we hit the highlights of the Old Testament by pulling one section of scripture from each Old Testament book. This year, we will go through each book of the New Testament with the same intent. The goal is to provide an understanding of God’s story and how we fit into that story.

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