Mosaic Meditaions on the Life of Christ

2015 First Presbyterian Church, San Angelo, TX:  Donna Crisp and Cindy McCammon casusally visited about a project to replace the much loved Panels created by youth participating in a Summer Arts Conservatory hosted by Firsy Presbyterian Church. the panels were weathered, needed sprucing up or replacement. Donna & Cindy met with Joel Moore, then Associate Pastor, and they agreed it was worthy of consideration; however, the project was tabled.

Fast forward to January 2022, Louellen Meyer approached Donna Crisp with an idea inspired by Louellen’s visit to a mosaic workshop in Jordan where mosaics were created by handicapped individuals. Louellen was excited about the possiblility of creating mosaic panels to replace the sxisting tattered panels. Donna explained previous concepts and ideas to Louellen; they were remarkably similar.

That was the rebirth of a forgotten idea. With the blessing of Pastor Joel Moore, the Property Committee, Stewardship Committee, and the Current Session, Louellen organized a task group & invited several artists to participate. From the beginning, six panels were envisioned. six artists agreed to tackle the work, though not one individual in the group was “fluent” in Mosaic or technique. Laying cabinet tile, wall tile, floor tile, and smaller mosaics we about the linit of combined experience. But Vivian Blodgett, Dr. Steve Boster, Donna Crisp, Dr. Louellen Meyer, cindy McCammon, Susan Williams and Michelle Vanderzandt committed to create six mosaic panels.

For the artists, the project has been exciting, refreshing, exhausting, fun, comical, exasperating, enriching, nurturing, and ocasionally stretchingvocabulary and stamina.

The artists have abundant loving appreciation for the opportunity to be included in this project. Individualy we have spent the last nine months expanding artistic boundaries, strengthening friendships and bonds with each other and our church family, while creating a gift we wanted to produce for our congregation and wider community.

Unsure our skill set was up to this artistic adventure; we prayed the mosaic panels reflect God’s will and message, that His direction free us of egotistical aspiration, and that our hands, hearts and minds be used for His glory.

Together and individually, we reaped the benefit of serenity, spiritual growth, and enhanced knowledge provided by a few months of quiet contemplation on the amazing Life of Christ. We have been abundantly blessed, and we pray this collaboration be a blessing to the viewer as well.