Past Events

Past Events

Guest Speakers at First Presbyterian Church 2014—2021

The Getty’s, Musicians and Author of Sing! *

Steven Curtis Chapman, Musician and Song Writer*

Tierce Green, Author and Speaker*

Greg Finke, Author of Joining Jesus on His Mission*

James K. A. Smith, Author of You Are What You Love*

Steve Argue, Co-Author of Growing With, Professor at Fuller Seminary

Jake Mulder, Co-Author of Growing Young*

Kelly Minter, Author and Musician*

Rev. Dr. Dana Allin, ECO Synod Executive* 

Rev. Dr. Mark Labberton, President Fuller Seminary* 

Rev. Dr. Jim Singleton, Professor at Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary*

Dr. Tim Kimmel, Author and Speaker* 

Rev. Dr. Richard Gibbons, Senior Pastor First Presbyterian Greenville, SC*

Guest Speakers at First Presbyterian Church 1979-2013

Dr. Hugh Anderson Dr. Maurice Boyd* 

The Rev. Frederick Buechner 

Dr. George A. Buttrick* 

Marj Carpenter* 

Dr. George Cladis* 

Dr. Andrew Dearman* 

Andrew Edington 

Dr. Daniel Foster* 

Rev. Dr. Scott Black Johnston* 

Dr. Thomas Long 

Rev. Dr. Laura Mendenhall*, Former President, Columbia Theological Seminary 

Dr. Richard Mouw, Former President, Fuller Seminary 

Jack Modesett 

Dr. Ellis Nelson 

Dr. Lloyd John Ogilvie* 

Dr. Earl Palmer 

Rabbi A. James Ruddin 

Dr. Richard Ryan 

Dr. Robert Shelton*, Former President, Presbyterian Theological Seminary, Austin, TX 

Dr. Helmut Thielicke*

 The Rev. Ray Vander Laan* 

The Rev. Soloman Waigway 

Dr. Ian Pitt-Watson* 

Asterisks indicates Margaret Odum Memorial Fund Speakers